Clash of Colleges is coming to Telford!

Inspiring the next generation into Food and Fibre careers is the aim of Agri Futures Clash of the Colleges.

Established by the New Zealand Rural Games Trust to support youth studying Horticulture and Agriculture and to create unique opportunities for partnership and connection within the education and employment sectors. The team also delivers Clash of the College events in Auckland, Canterbury and Manawatu.

“We’re partnering with Telford (SIT) to make Clash of the Colleges an annual event on the calendar for schools in Southland and Otago,” said General Manager Daniel O’Regan.

“We aim to motivate, support, and empower young people to pursue rewarding food and fibre careers. We do this by bringing experts and tools to the table and a bit of celeb with our emcee and Southland local, Tangaroa Walker.”

Billie-Marie Henry, Enrolment and Marketing Officer at Telford—SIT, said the Telford team attended the Canterbury Clash of the Colleges and was keen to see it expanded to Otago and Southland.

Participating in the Clash of the Colleges is not just about fun and games. It’s about encouraging teenagers to improve their skills and have a lot of fun doing it. It’s an opportunity to unite teens focused on a food and fibre career path, providing them with a unique platform to learn, compete, and network.

Clash of the Colleges is a fast-paced, amazing race-style competition that offers students hands-on experience in various aspects of the rural sector. Students work in teams of four to complete 16 hands-on modules within one-and-a-half-hour. The modules are run by experts in their field and members of local Young Farmer Clubs.

Modules include Artificial Insemination, ATV safety and wheel change, Tree Identification, Attaching an Insulator, Break Fencing, Irrigation Offal Identification, Feeds and Weeds, Drenching, Handpiece Setup, Wool Identification through to Gumboot Throwing, Sulky Racing, Thoroughbred Racing Springer Horse riding and more.

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