2023 Canterbury Clash of the Colleges was a resounding success

More than 300 students from eleven schools across the region, from Timaru to Hanmer Springs, participated in a series of engaging and educational modules. 

These modules, supported by industry and training organisations coordinated by Agri Futures, provided practical experiences in various aspects of the food and fibre sector, including aquaculture, forestry, dairy, sheep and beef, and practical on-farm skills.

Daniel O’Regan, General Manager of Agri Futures, shared, “The enthusiasm and skill displayed by the students were incredible. It’s clear that the future of New Zealand’s agriculture is bright with such talented young individuals coming up.”

The event, supported by our regional partner CRV, saw the introduction of the intermediate category, which was resoundingly won by schools in South Canterbury.

Across the day, students competed in various activities, from tree identification, tyre changing, mussel buoy knot tying, ear tagging to gumboot throwing and wool fadge races, demonstrating both their knowledge and physical prowess.

“A special thanks to our volunteers, especially those from St Margaret’s College and both the Banks Peninsula and Waimakariri Young Farmers Clubs, whose expertise and dedication were invaluable”, said Mr O’Regan.



  • 1st: Craighead School, Team 31: Charlie, Susie, Bianca, Claudia
  • 2nd: Craighead School, Team 32: Katie, Ella, Heidi, Lucy
  • 3rd: Waihi School, Team 26: Leo Acland, Ben Williamson, Seth Overcomer, Toby Lemon.
  • Spot Prize for behaviour (and fourth): Waihi School, Team 29: Dougal Murray, Cody Rollinson, Cameron Siegert, Jack Foley.
  • Gumboot Throw Boys and Girls winners: Josh Sadler and Maggie Bull.


  • 1st: Rangi Ruru Girls’ School, Team 52: Bonnie Collier, Mikayla Molloy, Brie Molloy, Tabitha White.
  • 2nd: Darfield High School, Team 33: Jade McKay, Josh Tuer, Dustin Rowlands, Lucas Meyer.
  • 3rd: Craighead School, Team 36: Harriett, Neave, Molly, Isabella.


  • 1st: Christ’s College, Team 44: Claude Armstrong Fergus McCone Angus Wallis Logan Connelly
  • 2nd: Christ’s College, Team 43: Sam Pye Lucas Carr Harry Carr Callum Kingsbury Senior.
  • 3rd: Ellesmere College, Team 42: Honor Barnett Kate Inwood Caitlyn Stewart Paige Robertson Senior

Gumboot Throw Overall Champ

  • Girls’ Champ: Charlotte Shefford from Craighead Diocesan School with a 17m throw.
  • Boys’ Champ: Dustin Rowlands from Darfield High School with a 27m throw.
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