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By registering, you’ll gain access to downloadable PDFs of classroom-ready modules designed to support the Agricultural and Horticulture curriculum. More modules will be loaded as and when they are completed. To revisit this page, please bookmark it.

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AF Flower Module preview
AF Flower Module preview
AF Flower Module preview

About Agri Futures Modules

The Agri Futures Teachers Advisory Board has overseen the development of our modules with the aim of enriching your teaching and empower your students in agriculture and horticulture.

Important Information

  • The modules are not Year specific, teachers will need to adjust for the level of student knowledge.
  • While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in our modules, Agri Futures cannot be held liable for any discrepancies.
  • We have attempted to credit sources where we are able. Some of the intellectual property contained in the module comes from years of teaching by members of our board.
  • Please note that completion of the modules does not grant NCEA credits. However, they are designed to support students in their academic endeavours.

Teacher Agreement

By registering, you agree to the following:

  1. Joining our electronic newsletter database to stay updated on the latest Agri Futures news, resources, scholarships and events.
  2. Participating in periodic surveys to provide feedback on our modules, helping us to improve them.
  3. Agreeing to ask a few of your students to take part in a survey so that Agri Futures can gather valuable insights to further improve the modules.

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